In the Claro theme, I have the System breadcrumb block in the Breadcrumb region. The breadcrumb shows Homepage > [Title for node 444] > Structure > [Administration page title] instead of Homepage > Structure > [Administration page title], where [Title for node 444] is the title for the node whose ID is 444, and [Administration page title] is the title for the shown administrative page.

Upgrading to Drupal 10.1.2 didn't solve the issue.

How can I remove the node title, which should not be there since the shown page is an administrative page not related to nodes nor to that node in particular?

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I can reproduce this problem by assigning an admin alias


to a node. Then the title of the node is displayed in the breadcrumbs.

To solve this problem search for the alias in the alias table:


Delete the alias and clear the cache.

You might also want to check the admin menu for an entry pointing at the node.


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