How to embed a registration form in a popup window?

I would like to use Colorbox or jQuery UI:

drupal_add_library('system', 'ui.dialog');

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There's already a module for that, Ajax Login/Register:

This module provides a smooth way for the user to login, register and request new password via AJAX at any Drupal site.


  • This module provides a block with 2 links (Login, Register) for the anonymous user.
  • When the user clicks on Login or register the requested form appears in a nice ajax popup.
  • The login and register forms can validate using ajax and not redirect on error.
  • On success the module redirects to the user page.
  • When user is logged in, the block provides a Welcome !username message and a link to the user page and a logout link.
  • This module integrates the thickbox plugin with the Ajax module and provides a simple, easy to use and cool login and register block.
  • OK its a nice one but how could i do that in a program way? I have a piece of code for drupal 6, but not the 7 one ( Just to do without any additional modules and in my stylish popup as i wish ) May 21, 2012 at 14:21
  • @clive: Ur solution worked perfectly in my case thanks a lot:)
    – user4081
    Jun 22, 2012 at 5:50

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