I'm simply trying to render a Paragraph field from my content type in a view template. It's insanely difficult! I have the field setup to display the rendered entity, but how do I set it up in my template? Below 'field_question' works fine but 'field_faq_answer', which is the Paragraph field, doesn't render anything.

{% for row in rows %}
  {% set question = row.content['#row']._entity.field_question.value %}
  {% set answer = row.content['#row']._entity.field_faq_answer %}

  {% include 'component--accordion-item.html.twig' with {
    'title': question,
    'uid': random(),
    'content': answer
{% endfor %}

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To render an entity field use the View filter of the module Twig Tweak:

{{ row.content['#row']._entity.field_faq_answer|view }}

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