I've got one specific node where I need to dynamically set the meta title. The logic to determine the correct title is too involved to express in tokens; I need to do it in code.

It seems that I should be able to override the title using the hook_preprocess_html; I get the current title, and replace it with the proper title.

After I set the title here though, the Metatag module (8.x-1.26) waltzes in, and replaces my meticulously assembled title by its own fairly generic pattern generated title. I suppose I could try using the same hooks that Metatag uses to try to outsmart it, but that seems like a fragile approach.

Is there a better way, maybe through Metatag itself?


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The best solution in my case turned out to be to simply override the value of the 'current-page:title' token. This is the token I used in my metatags pattern, and could be easily overriden in hook_tokens_alter.

Other solutions I tried which worked to some degree:

  • Using hook_metatags_alter to override the metatags
  • Hijacking the _title_callback on the entity.node.canonincal route

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