I have created a view block for a content type of card. The card content type also has a taxonomy vocabulary where users can add new terms to that taxonomy vocabulary. I have a contextual filter on this view block which filters by taxonomy ID. And this works in the views preview pane, e.g. I enter 1 and cards with the taxonomy term ID 1 are rendered in the preview.

Screenshot of Views interface

Screenshot of contextual filter

However, when I use Layout Builder and select the view block, I do not get an option to input what taxonomy term ID I want to use for the block. What am I doing wrong?

Screenshot of Layout Builder block selection

  • If you configured the contextual filter in view block once, then why this contextual filter needs to configured in block , I believe it should work w.r.t contextual filter configured in the view block, what issue you are facing here
    – mini
    Nov 21 at 14:33
  • I'm fairly sure my understanding of how to use contextual filters are flawed, but this is the use-case. I have a content type called card, and it includes a taxonomy term field. I would like to create a view block that shows only cards that have specific taxonomy terms. I thought using contextual filters, I could choose which term is being used, then place that block on a page with layout builder.
    – huijing
    Nov 22 at 7:29
  • There are two different types of filter in views : filter criteria & contextual filter, you can follow this documentation drupal.org/docs/8/core/modules/views/… to understand more about contextual filter
    – mini
    Nov 22 at 7:50

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Pass value in contextual filter programmatically : using hook_views_pre_view(): (can add either .theme/.module file)

use Drupal\views\ViewExecutable;

function Mythemename/Mymodulename_views_pre_view(ViewExecutable $view, $display_id, array &$args) {

  if ($view->id() == 'view_machine_name' && $display_id == 'view_display_machine_name') {
      $node = \Drupal::routeMatch()->getParameter('node');
      if ($node instanceof \Drupal\node\NodeInterface) {
        // get taxonmoy field value from current node page
        $tid = $node->get('field_taxonomy')->target_id;
          $args[0] = $tid;
  • ok, this seems closer to what i want to achieve. but i'm a little confused about which ID is the filter criteria. let's say my page is node/16, but i want the cards of taxonomy term ID 2 to be displayed, how would the dynamic value from URL work here?
    – huijing
    Nov 22 at 10:43
  • I have added steps 1-3 in ans how can use fixed value in contextual filter
    – mini
    Nov 22 at 11:11
  • does this mean that i will have to define new blocks every time i have a new taxonomy term? i think this ties back to my original question of whether it would be possible to pass a value from layout builder to the contextual filter in the block. seems like that is not possible?
    – huijing
    Nov 22 at 13:15
  • Let say /node/1 , in it's taxonomy field has value 2, then you want to taxonomy id = 2 in contextual filter, similarly if editor update taxonomy id = 3 in /node/1 , for this particular scenario you want to contextual filter and pass taxonomy value i.e in the node, confirm Is this what you want?
    – mini
    Nov 22 at 13:38
  • yes. so to rephrase, i would like to reuse the same views block on different pages, but with the option to select what the taxonomy ID should be on different pages.
    – huijing
    Nov 22 at 13:56

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