I've made a custom Webform component, working well so far. A javascript library is attached to this component.

$elements['#attached']['library'][] = 'my_module/my_lib';

My client tried to add custom css and js but here /admin/webform/manage/webform_id/settings/assets for some reason , he has this error :

Resource from « https://xyz.com/webform/css/webform_id?s4muhb » was blocked because of type MIME (« text/html ») incorrect (X-Content-Type-Options: nosniff).

After digging and testing, it seems like this part of the code is generating the error:

$route = Url::fromRoute('my_module.custom_ajax_route');
$elements['#attached']['drupalSettings']['my_module']['url'] = $route->toString();

If instead of $route->toString() I set the route '/theroute' and clear the cache, the custom css is working fine.

I'm using Drupal 10.1.4, apache and webform 6.2


FYO, my function is a generic static function that generate field

public static function generateMyFields() ...


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