I am new to testing custom modules. My custom modules create and update custom nodes. From my reading, I need to use Kernel or Functional tests to test these operations. My Drupal 9 installation is on Windows Server with IIS and Microsoft SQL Server.

All the testing examples seem to use mysql in their phpunit.xml config. I must use the sqlsrv driver module to have Drupal communicate with the MSSQL database. When I try and use sqlsrv in my phpunit.xml SIMPLETEST_DB connection key, I get a database connection error when running the test.

My phpunit.xml database line:

<env name="SIMPLETEST_DB" value="sqlsrv://username:password@localhost/database_name"/>

The error I get:

InvalidArgumentException : Can not convert 'sqlsrv://username:password@localhost/database_name to a database connection, class 'Drupal\Driver\Database\sqlsrv\Connection' does not exist

Is a MSSQL database server not compatible with the testing environment created for Drupal? Can I only use MySQL?

Followup question:

Something I didn't get from my reading, should a second database be used just for testing since it will be creating and deleting info? If that's the case, could I use a MySQL database just for testing?



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