When I run drush it to sync up my taxonomy content, I am prompted to specify the style:

What import style would you like?:
[0] Full
[1] Safe
[2] Force

Is there a way I can include my answer to this prompt in the original drush command, so the prompt is answered automatically? I'm asking because I need to add this command to my ci/cd pipeline.

I tried it like this:

drush it --style=0

But that results in 'The "--style" option does not exit'.

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Assuming this is the it command from the Structure sync module, you can use the choice option, e.g.

drush it --choice=full

Other options are safe and force (all lowercase).

For future reference you can run drush <command> --help to list the options for any command.

  • Beautiful! Thanks.
    – arnoldbird
    Commented Dec 15, 2023 at 14:30

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