I am attempting to use rules scheduler to automatically 'archive' content after a set period. Essentially, I want the content to disappear for everyone except administrators. Ordinarily, I would just use the standard 'unpublish node' action, but I have installed workbench moderation and this does not unpublish the node. If I attempt to simply change the revision state to Draft, the state changes but the node is not unpublished. Is there any way I can unpublish the node programatically? Should I look at some kind of access control module instead?

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Well, I suppose it's a bit late, but this issue is discussed in and should be mostly solved by https://drupal.org/node/1436260 once the issue is fixed. You should be able to unpublish the node, and as long as the code calls node_save, workbench moderation should set the state back to draft. If you want a different state, e.g. "archived", you'll probably have to come up with something custom.

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