Previously I've set the "Query results" and "Rendered output" cache to 1 hour.

What I need is:

  • Cache for 1 hour
  • Update the cache immediately when related node updated

But when updating node, it takes exactly 1 hour for the views page to be updated.

I'm quite confuse about what is "Query results" and "Rendered output"?

Is "Query results" the GET request?

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“Query results” are raw data from DB. After fetching data you often do some additional work (modifications, templates) with data and then render it to HTML in some way — so you get a “Rendered output”. For more flexibility you have two levels for caching here.

As I think (I can be wrong!) here is no sense to set “Query results cache” time less than “Rendered output cache”.

Your use case, as I can see, to flush View cache immediately after new content added. You can solve it with additional staff Cache Actions, which requires Rules.
For example, you can create a rule with event "After saving new content" or "After updating existing content", condition "Content is published" and one of the Cache actions.
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Cache will be flushed regardless of cache settings in your view.

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