Running Drupal 10 and I have a webform with the setting "Allow all elements to be populated using query string parameters" enabled.

I have a field called utm_source and I have a value in my query string ?utm_source=testsource, but it does not populate the field. Any field that starts with utm_ seems to behave this way while another field, your_name, prepopulates with no issue.

So, I tried going the token route. In the Default value field, I put [current-page:query:utm_source]. That results in value="[current-page:query:utm_source]". If I put [current-page:query:your_name] in that field, it actually pulls it from the query string.

Are UTM parameters just blocked from this somehow? If so, how would I accomplish this?


  • Are any web browser plugins running?
    – cilefen
    Feb 2 at 11:30


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