After migrating from Drupal 9 to Drupal 10 all users can't login. I tried:

  • Removing settings.php and adding a new version
  • Emptying the sessions table in the database
  • Clearing cache, updating database
  • Clearing cache in browser
  • Using different browser
  • Saving the users account

Nothing works, the only this that does work is resetting the password. But its extra work for the user to do this so I'm still looking for a global fix so I can fix it for everyone at once.

Anyone with this same problem? Or a suggestion how to fix this?


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From https://www.drupal.org/node/3322420

Password hashing is changed

When a site updates to Drupal 10.1.0 or later, a database-update function installs the Password Compatibility module. This allows existing users to use their credentials. If the module is not installed, existing users can login by requesting a new password.

The first time an existing user logs in, a new hash is and saved to the database. From then on, the user can log in with the same credentials whether this module is installed or not.


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