I group by a field in a table.

The grouping is correct. The field content is inserted as the respective heading.

Is it possible to customize this output in the design?

  • Customize HTML code with the HTML elements provided: no reaction.
  • Add HTML class (CSS class): nothing either.

This is probably not possible if the output format is "table"?

Best regards


  • How exactly did you customized the markup or CSS classes? Please update your question to add this info. Also: you flushed caches, of course, right?
    – leymannx
    Feb 21 at 9:12
  • yes, caches flushed. Resulting html code looks like this: <table class="views-table views-view-table cols-3"> <caption> 2013 </caption> I cannot address this structure, I cannot assign a CSS class to it. Feb 21 at 10:35


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