I have a panel page that is in the form:

"/productsByMfg/%nid" where nid is the node id of the a manufacturer. This is not a node edit or view page since I already have that.

I have about 100 of these pages /productsByMFg/1, /productsByMfg/2 etc... How do I create aliases so I can use something like /productsByMfg/IBM, /productsByMfg/Microsoft?

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    With the setup you have, I wonder why you bother at all? If you just re-use the existing node_view, path auto and token will work as usual.
    – Letharion
    Jun 2, 2012 at 17:51

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Page Manager Pauthauto module should take care of this.


Sub-pathauto (Sub-path URL Aliases) works for me. It takes care of situation like yours. Here is a quote about it (from the module's project page):

The Drupal Path module matches only full URLs when creating SEO-friendly aliases. This module extends that behavior by also matching known sub-paths and replacing them with their respective alias.

For example, if user/1 is aliased to users/admin, this module rewrites the link to the user contact page user/1/contact to use the aliased URL users/admin/contact instead. This also includes Views URLs taking a node as argument (e.g. node/%/yourview), in short, every URL that is based on, or extends, an existing alias. In combination with the Pathauto module it is possible to get rid of all remaining exposed internal non-administrative URLs.


There's no easy way to do this currently.

It's among the oldest still open feature requests for Page manager. Ideally, someone would sponsor having the work done.

Currently, you'd have to write a custom module that figures out what all the possibilities are, and creates the aliases.

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