My team and I want to use the Node Export Module to export and import nodes that include image fields between environments of our Drupal 10 site. However, when I export nodes, the image fields only contain the UID for the image and not the image itself, meaning that when importing into a different environment, the images are left blank.

In looking into this issue, I found several patches that work for older versions of the module -- in particular, I saw that there was a patch that could base64 encode and decode the images: https://www.drupal.org/project/node_export/issues/570464 , which seems to achieve exactly what I want. However, these patches do not work with the latest, Drupal 10-compatible versions of the module.

Does anyone know of solutions to achieve what I want to do here (including other modules I should consider using instead of Node Export)? Thank you very much!



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