In Drupal 10.2.4 with Statistics core module installed and node view count activated, I want to see a table of the most viewed nodes like this:

node 1  | alias (if any) | 601 views
node 8  | alias (if any) | 253 views
node 16 | alias (if any) | 112 views
node 5  | alias (if any) | 91 views
node 80 | alias (if any) | 28 views

When I visit a node I normally see something like NUMBER OF views but I that's not what I am asking about here. What I do ask about here is a table, preferably of all nodes altogether with just adjacent number of views for each node. How to get that?


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  1. Enable the Statistics core module
  2. Enable the Count content views setting from its configuration page (/admin/config/system/statistics)
  3. Create a simple Content view with the default Title field and whatever display format you want
  4. A "content statistics" category should appear in the "fields", "filter criteria," and "sort criteria" which provides three items: "Most recent view", "Total views", and "Views today"
  5. The one you're looking for is "Total views"

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