I'm not using the Quiz module; I am using Webform and Drupal 7.

I have created a quiz that, if passed, assigns the user a new role. Currently, I use validation rules to simply prevent wrong answers from validating; all questions must be answered correctly before the user can proceed.

I need to change this to allow users with a score of 80% or higher to proceed to the next quiz. I know that I can do that with the quiz module. However I also need to be able to show correct answers for missed questions only to users who scored between 80% and 100%. Those scoring below 80% may not see any answer key.

What is the best way to go about this?

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I am solving this problem by disabling Quiz and using only Webform, and writing a custom module that does the following:

  • use hook_form_alter to catch webform submissions
  • compare them to fields in an answer key
    • answer keys are of content type 'answer key'
    • they have a node reference field that references a webform
  • calculate percent that match
  • display a message depending on score
    • if 80% < x < 100% display answers
    • if 80% < x return that the quiz was passed
    • if 80% > x tell them they failed and redirect them back to the quiz page to re-take the test.

Just an FYI I put together a webform quiz module that works with the formbuilder module. It allows you to put in a percentage that the user needs to pass to finish this quiz as well as putting a correct answer for each form component: http://drupal.org/sandbox/acouch/1817016

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