I have 3 types of entities (University, Degree and Subject). Degree has a referencial field to university, and subjecs has referencial field to degree. I have a custom twig template for a view to represent information about the selected degree. My default lenguage is Spanish. Initially, I have a list of universities, when I click on a univirsity, I access to the url /universidad/university_name. In this view all the degrees taken at the university appear. When I click on a degree, I access to the url /universidad/university_name/degree_name, and information about this degree is shown (I have the custom twig template). The problem is when I click on the language switcher, the content not change to the selected language.

I created the corresponding translations for the careers and universities. I have tried different ways to do it, but none of them worked.

For example, create a filter criteria as this one. I also tried the option "Interface text language selected for page", but not work. I tried other type of filters but none of them work. In rendering language I select "Content language selected for page".

Some strange things that happen are:

I tried translate a basic page, and it work well, but the view I want to translate is not translated.

can someone help me?

enter image description here

  • Are you testing as an anonymous user or a logged-in user? Often the logged-in user's language will override the language switcher (this is configurable). Commented Jul 2 at 12:22
  • Yes, I tested as an annonymous user (no log), but the content also is shown in Spanish (default language). If I an admin, the only things that change the language are de admin bars.
    – Óscar
    Commented Jul 2 at 16:47


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