Are there any other modules that can implement the same functionality as Nodequeues i.e, making a customized list of selected nodes? I think I might be having some problems which might be related to it's permissions (I'm not sure of it as I'm still novice at Drupal). Maybe it's because it is still in beta phase for D7, I don't know...

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All about that matter here.

Current options are:


You can use the flag module to do something similar, and if you combine it with Draggable views and Flag weights you can re-order them. Just define a flag for each node queue you want to use.


I have replaced NodeQueue usage with Entity Collection. It's both entity and storage backend agnostic, as well as plays well with exportability.

  • any idea on when there will be a release? THX!
    – Volker
    Commented Jan 7, 2013 at 13:12

I would also like to add Entityqueue to the list as well.

A rewrite of Nodequeue for Drupal 7 based on entities.

The Entityqueue module allows users to create queues of any entity type. Each queue is implemented as an Entityreference field, that can hold a single entity type.

For instance you can create a queue of:

  • Nodes
  • Users
  • Taxonomy Terms

Entityqueue provides Views integration, by adding an Entityqueue relationship to your view, and adding a sort for Entityqueue position.

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