When editing the values of addresses provided by the Addressfield module, selecting certain countries (e.g., the United States) automatically populates a drop-down list of states.

I would like to do the same thing in a View using exposed filters-- when a user selects a country using the exposed filter for country, it should make available a select box for administrative area (state/province).

Adding exposed filters for the country and administrative area do not generate drop-down lists; instead, I simply get a plain text field with the standard options- is, contains, etc.

By installing the Countries module, I can get a drop-down list of the countries (but not the administrative areas). How can I do this using only the Addressfield module?

Is there a pre-existing solution to make it work like it does on the edit page?

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As of right now, there is no such views integration in the Addressfield module, although the linked issue does include a discussion of possible directions to take to tackle the problem.

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