Im trying to make it that each OG has its own URL eg. www.group1.com, www.group2.co.uk etc There was a module to do this apparently but not for D7. You'd think it streight foreward but it isnt. Probably due to path module. Everything I try gives me permission errors. Im using D7 and Cpanel. Any help would be really appreciated. Thanks Steve

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You can accomplish this with the Rules module, and the Domain Rules module.

Adding Rules module actions related to Domain Access module. Allowing automation of different actions needed to create/modify/delete domains.

First version includes:

  • rules_action_create_domain - create new domain using given arguments
  • rules_action_delete_domain - delete existing domain
  • rules_action_set_user_defaults_domain - set a given role access to a given domain
  • rules_action_set_node_domain - set domain to a node
  • rules_action_set_domain_theme - set a theme to a given domain

I created GitHub project that provides a OG sub-module called OG Domain Access which does exactly this. It also allows you to override CSS/JS/Template suggestions per domain group. At the core of the module, hook_node_grants_alter is used to prevent access to content that does not belong to the domain the user is logged into.


You could use the Subdomain module in its "one subdomain per organic group" mode, and then additionally provide DNS CNAME aliases from your domains to these subdomains that were assigned to the Organic Groups.

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