I am trying to create a slideshow that would be showing 3 instances of my custom contant type "Slideshow Image".
After spending hours without any success I've decided to seek help! I noticed that Views changed a lot when I updated all modules, and it seems as if Slideshow is not among the options for display under "Format" in the control panel of my view. I have Grid, HTML list, Jump menu, Table, Unformatted list but no slideshow. Now, I think I remember seeing "slideshow" as an option before "Views" changed! My questions are:

  1. Have Views changed so that Slideshow is no longer an option for display? Am I going insane?
  2. If it has, what is the new way of doing things?
  3. If it hasn't, what could I be doing wrong?
  4. There is a module called "Views Slideshow". It seems to not be fully ready for Drupal 7 yet. Do I need it? Is that my only option (as a Drupal & web programming newbie)?

Can anybody please help me clear this out?

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    Ok, now I'm able to answer my own questions: 1. : Dont know. 2. : See #4 3. : n/a 4. : "Do I need it?" - Yes! "Is that my only option?" - Don't know. I installed Views Slideshow and a jquery file called cycle something. The jquery file was asked for by the Views module when it was needed, it even provided a link to it. Nice. I like the new Views module a lot better! Next challenge will be to add a custom style to the image slider...
    – Pizd
    May 8 '11 at 14:19

Views Slideshow does not come with the views module. Therefore you will not see it by default. You have to download and enable the views_slideshow module to see this option.

There is alot of other contrib slideshow modules as well

Related modules

Most of these module does not have a supported Drupal 7 version, however most of their Drupal 7 dev version will be stable enough to use. I know I have used views_slideshow_ddblock without any troubles.


Drupal 7 modules usually need a bit to catch up as they're all so new. You should always be using the dev versions unless this is a production site. I believe Views 3 (which it sounds like you're using) was a significant update that required a little more than just running the update.

Views Slideshow gives the following warning:

If you don't have http://drupal.org/project/libraries module enabled then please enable that module before you upgrade to the latest alpha release of version 3. It is now a required module and you will receive a fatal error if you don't have that module enabled first. See this issue for ways to fix it if you receive the fatal error.


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