I have a view that I want to create a view template for in my theme.

So, I have created: views-view--homepage-suppliers.tpl.php

I have then several content items of content type: Supplier that the view uses.

The have various fileds, such as title, field_supplier_image

How do i then access these fields in this view template?

Is it something along the lines of:



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It would appear your using a 'Display output' template when you probably want a 'Row style' output so you can access fields. You will need to change your tempate by going to 'advanced > theme information', it will probably be something similar to 'views-view-fields--homepage-suppliers.tpl.php'.

You can then get a nid from the field and access a whole host of information through the node object.

  $nid = $row->{$view->field['field_supplier_image']->field_alias}; 
  $node = node_load($nid);

If you var_dump() the $node variable you can see what you have to play with.

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    – terrid25
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I ended up using this in a field template:


You can access fields through the $view->result object.

Here's an example I use to create a ical calendar:


global $base_url;

function ical_extract_value($field,$key='value'){
    return $field['und'][0][$key];

function ical_shorten_line($line){
    return trim(chunk_split($line,76,"\r\n "));

print 'PRODID:'.$base_url.'/'.current_path().CRLF;

foreach ($view->result as $node){
//      print_r($data); // uncomment to see available data
        print 'BEGIN:VEVENT'.CRLF;
        print 'UID:'.$data->nid.'@'.$base_url.CRLF;
        $description = ical_extract_value($data->body);
        print ical_shorten_line('DESCRIPTION:'.$description).CRLF;
        print 'DTSTART:'.date($ical_time_format,ical_extract_value($data->field_start)).CRLF;
        print 'DTEND:'.date($ical_time_format,ical_extract_value($data->field_start,'value2')).CRLF;
        /** other fields here **/
        $keywords = ical_extract_value($data->field_tag_list);
        $keywords = str_replace(' ', ',',$keywords);
        print ical_shorten_line('CATEGORIES:'.$keywords).CRLF;
        print 'END:VEVENT'.CRLF;
} ?>

As you can see, a certain field value can be accessed by $view->result[n]->filed_xxx['und'][0]['value'].

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