I have a multi-site installation using domain access module and each sub-domain has its own theme. I have a javascript file which is common to all the themes. Right now I've placed the js file inside all the themes folder. Is there a way to place the js file in a common location so that all themes can share it ? Can I use Libraries API module for this purpose ?

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Yes, you can use the Libraries API for this. The docs explain all of this fairly well. This is best for things that change infrequently.

For my custom Javascript libraries (which I work on continuously), I make module with an instance of hook_library

function mymodule_util_library ()
    $path = drupal_get_path("module", "mymodule_util");

    $libraries = array();

    $libraries["mymodule_util"] = array(
        "title" => "MyModule Javascript Utilities", 
        "version" => "0.0",
        "js" => array(
            $path . '/UTIL.js' => array(),
            $path . '/UTIL.HTML5.js' => array(),
            $path . '/UTIL.COLOR.js' => array(),
            $path . '/UTIL.MATH.js' => array(),

        'weight' => -10,

    return $libraries;

Put the module in "site/all/modules" so all of your sites can see it, then enable it on the sites you need.

Then, wherever you need these JS libraries, you use drupal_add_library

drupal_add_library("mymodule_util", "mymodule_util", $every_page);

Typically, this is in a hook_block_view or a preprocess function.


MPD's solution is very elegant. But since I'm new to Drupal and I don't know anything about module development (yet), I used a different method. The method I used to solve this problem was :

  1. I placed the js file in the main theme.
  2. I made the remaining themes as sub-themes to the main theme.

I know this is not a very elegant solution but this is an easy solution for newbies in Drupal.

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