I'm new to drupal and I apologize if this is a silly question. I used the quicktabs module to create tabbed content. I wish to add it to a node template file. In order to add the quick tab, I need the ID of the quick tab instance. How to find the ID of a quick tab instance ?

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Looking at the install file for the module each QuickTab is identified by a machine name, rather than an ID. It used to use an ID up until version 7.x-3.x, but the quicktabs_update_7300() function dropped the qtid field and replaced it with machine_name.

Normally when machine names are used in Drupal the admin UI will tell you what this is for each instance. I can't comment as to whether the QuickTabs UI does that though.

If it doesn't, just go in to the quicktabs table and grab the machine name from there...it's not pretty but if you don't plan on changing the machine name of that instance it shouldn't cause a problem.

After you've got the name you can use quicktabs_load() to get the instance:

$instance = quicktabs_load($machine_name);

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