Have the following code

    $links = array_merge($links, array(
      l(t('Administration pages'), 'admin'),
      l(t('Front page'), '<front>'),

    $output = theme('item_list', array('items' => $links, 'title' => t('Next steps')));

It does <ul> html list. My goal is to override, for example, "admin" path on given page from my custom module. Since it's themed output, I can use hook_theme_registry_alter() to override the theme function. But seems I can't do that dynamically (because of cache).

Is it wise solution to copy whole theme_item_list function, rename it to my_theme_item_list and write there my own path logic?

Another solution?

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I think you can do anything you could do in my_theme_item_list in a preprocess function. You can do this in your template.php file with a function like:

function mythemename_preprocess_item_list(&$vars) {
  // Change things here

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