I want to add some extra javascript (few files stored in my account, and some inline javascript) for a specific node. Based on the answer to this question, I tried adding a few files to the node alias "insert-pub" by doing this in the template.php in /themes/garland (just trying out the garland theme for now):

  function garland_preprocess_node(&$vars) {
     // The line below was already there.
     $vars['submitted'] = $vars['date'] . ' — ' . $vars['name'];
     // Added the lines below.
     // Want to include my javascript files and inline scripts for specific nodes.
     $node =& $vars['node'];
     if ($node->type == 'insert-pub')
          drupal_add_js('/sites/all/scripts/MyLib.js', array('type' => 'file', 'scope' => 'header'));
          drupal_add_js('/sites/all/scripts/Utils.js', array('type' => 'file', 'scope' => 'header'));
          drupal_add_js('var MyAjaxLib=new MyLib();         
               function loadInput(){ alert("Hello"); }', 'inline');

But I never see the links to the JS files or inline JS scripts in the source of the page, when I load the page in the browser by going to [www.mysite.com/insert-pub]. Where am I going wrong? Even the debug() calls above does not seem to print anything in the browser.

I am a Drupal 7 newbie, so looking forward to some hand-holding. Thanks.

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The node type will always have an underscore as the separator (not a dash) between words so the test would be:

if ($node->type == 'insert_pub') {
  // ...

But it seems from your question you want to test the URL alias of the node, not the type. To do that you need to use drupal_get_path_alias() to get the node's alias, and see if it matches:

$current_node_alias = drupal_get_path_alias("node/$node->nid");
if ($current_node_alias == 'insert-pub') {

Make sure you've cleared Drupal's caches so the new preprocess hook can be picked up by the system. That's the only reason I can think of to explain the calls to debug() not working, as they should.


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