I am having some difficulty setting up a user role that can access the admin/content/node section of the site but only view their own content.

For the user role i have some permissions set like so (events is a custom content type)

  • create events content
  • delete own events content
  • edit own events content

The admin/content/node will not appear unless i set a permission.

  • administer nodes

This allows the user role to create, edit, delete any content. Definitely not what i need!


Can anyone shed some light on how to allow user roles to only access their own content?

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Your best bet would be to create a view that duplicates this functionality but only references content to the currently logged in user. You could then add in View Bulk Operations to add the edit/delete links usually found on that page.

You could give the view a path of /admin/content/node/self maybe.

  • That sounds really awkward for what im trying to achieve, if it is the only option i better give it a go.
    – Sam Warren
    Jun 8, 2012 at 18:27

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