I am looking to create a RSS feed of file attachments, filtered by the node they are attached to.

for instance the feed URL would be:


where 253 is the node ID in question. Using views 3 + drupal 7 I am able use 'files' as a base table, and create a list of files with a contextual filter of node ID, however upon adding the RSS display it complains saying:

Style RSS Feed requires a row style but the row plugin is invalid.

I have the feeling that a custom row style plugin is required here. Does anyone have any ideas as to what options exist now for solving this issue?


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You can use Views RSS module for creating complex feeds with Drupal Fields. The module provides a lot of RSS settings:

enter image description here

  1. RSS format plugin “RSS Feed - Fields” with settings
  2. Support for core fields.
  3. Enclosure elements

The result can look like this: enter image description here


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