I'm struggling to set up a decent search using Search API. By "decent" I mean a small block that performs a multi-index search (nodes and taxonomy terms). I want to free visitor from defining what they want to search through, instead I want to provide a no-brainer which does the search and displays results in categorized, paged manner.

Even though I installed the multi-index submodule, when creating a search apge, I'm still limited to select one index. Then I found kind of confirmation in the README file that currently only Solr can take advantage of that. So the question is: is it possible to create a multi-index search without Solr?

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Only Solr supports that functionality. What you need is:

  1. Create a server in Search API, call it, for example, "solr_server".
  2. Create two indexes, one for nodes another for taxonomies. Make sure both indexes belong to "solr_server"
  3. In views (make sure that search_api_views module is enabled), select 'solr_server' from Show dropdown list.
  4. Now you can add fields from every index, that belongs to "solr_server".

Hope this helps.


Current dev version of Search API multi-index searches can make multi-index searches for any server, not only Solr.

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