I have two active theme, and switching between them by themekey on specific paths.

theme #one is my main theme, and some contents load in theme #two in a modal box (lightbox2). I need disable Toolbar on theme #two because it's load Toolbar too and I don't want it there.

my question is how can I disable Toolbar in theme #two?


You'll have to use hook_page_alter from within a module to unset $page['page_top']['toolbar'] — you can't do it from within a theme.

There is a module for that: Toolbar Visibility.

  • There are only 10 sites using that module, so beware. Read the code. – Capi Etheriel Jun 12 '12 at 19:04

Or you can disable the 'toolbar' module for this.


Is it the best way you think? Or plan something like,

      if ($vars['page']['page_top']['toolbar']['#access']) {   
         $vars['page']['page_top']['toolbar']['#access'] = false;

But I don't know where could you find the '$vars' from.

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