For example if a CCK text field is configured to have the following allowed values:

US|United States
UK|United Kingdom

The node has the corresponding field:


and its value can be found by accessing:


which will return 'US' or 'UK'. What is best way to return the display name which was specified in the allowed list (i.e "United States" or "United Kingdom")?

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You can use the following code.

$field = content_fields($field_name);
$function = $field['module'] . '_allowed_values';
$values = array_values(function_exists($function) ? $function($field) : (array) content_allowed_values($field));

This code is similar to the code used by optionwidgets_options(); the difference is that optionwidgets_options() returns also the value for the empty choice.

The output of content_allowed_values($field) is an array that in your case is the following one.

  'US' => 'United States',
  'UK' => 'United Kingdom',

As you are only interested to the options visible in the user interface, I passed the result of content_allowed_values($field) to array_values().


Install the devel module and go to a node with this field and click the devel tab. If its available directly it will show in devel. If not you may have to do a custom db query.

  • It's not available. I thought there was an API for that?
    – haggag
    Jun 13, 2012 at 16:24

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