I have created a module where I am declaring $user as global variable in hook_init(). I can access the values of $user->x_field in page.tpl.php. When I try to use $user->x_field in hook_contents($display), it causes the following error:

Undefined variable:x_field

Can I use the user fields in hook_contents()? Am I doing it the wrong way?


The global $user variable doesn't contain all the values you would find from a user object loaded from the database; in particular, it doesn't contain any field associated with the user entity. If you need a full-loaded user object for the currently logged-in user, you should use the following code.

$account = user_uid_optional_load();
// Use $account to access the user fields.

If need to load a full-loaded user object knowing its user ID, then you should use the following code.

$account = user_load($1);
// Use $account to access the user fields.

Also in this case, you could use user_uid_optional_load(); since it only passes the given user ID to user_load(), you can directly use user_load() and use user_uid_optional_load() when you don't have always a user ID, and need the user object for the currently logged-in user in that case.

  • For D6 profile module users: probably you are looking for profile_load_profile($user) – AyeshK Sep 6 '12 at 15:34

according to globaluser in drupal ,$user is global variable object , you can use it every where, the only thing you must do before it is this

    global $user;

after this, $user object refer to logon user.

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    The OP already said he is using global $user. That is not the reason why his code is not working. – kiamlaluno Jun 16 '12 at 11:42

I found solution for your problem,
first load user and after it use x_field

global $user;
$user_info = user_load($user->uid);

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