I'm migrating a Drupal 6 site with CCK filefields to Drupal 7. I installed the Drupal 7 CCK module, and I'm ready to do the migration except for a filefield field.

Migrate fields states:

Missing field module: 'filefield'. This field cannot be migrated.

The filefield module isn't available for Drupal 7. Is there an other module, or any other way of migrating a Drupal 6 CCK filefield to Drupal 7 fields?


I just realized it's an audiofield. Basically it's a filefield with an audio widget.


Not sure whether I should call this a solution or a workaround. Anyway:

In D6 I removed audio representation of the filefield. This makes it an ordinary filefield. Then migrated to D7 using the CCK migration kit and then added the audio representation again. Done.

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Please read Migrating D6 Content Construction Kit (CCK) to D7 Fields.

Basically you've to download CCK module for 7.x and it has the functionality to migrate these fields.

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