I'm using Drupal 6.

I have a custom view that needs to be filtered by an argument passed by the user.

The argument is a simple date, and I need my query to be filtered like the following:

WHERE created >= %argument&

Where %argument% is the user argument passed within the URL.

The thing is, I manage to filter it, but only as equals, like this:

WHERE created = %argument&

Is there any way I can make it filter as greater or equal to?


I've found that Drupal 6 views dont support such feature.

The solution was to implement the module_views_query_substitutions hook and alter the query manually:

function module_views_query_substitutions($view)
    $view->query->where[0]['clauses'][3] =
        str_replace('=', '>=', $view->query->where[0]['clauses'][3]);
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