I'm creating a staff directory for my library in Views. In one of the display field, Departments, staff often are assigned more than one departmental affiliation when I create their Content Profile. In this tabular view I'm creating, how can I make it so only the first value of the field representing departmental affiliation is displayed? It really clutters things up to display two or more departments in this table. I'd be happy to export the view & post it if that will help solve my problem.



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I am assuming you are using Drupal 7 and Views 3. If that is true, then you could use the below -

Quoting from the comment here - http://drupal.org/node/1024158#comment-5064416

Under fields, when you add your image field, one of the configuration options is "Multiple Field Settings". Under that make sure you check the box for "Display all values in the same row". The last line under this will ask how many items you want to display. Type "1". You can also specify which number to start with if you like. Hope this helps.

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