I'm using the Omega theme with the Delta module. How can I theme the breadcrumb block using block--breadcrumb.tpl.php?
I want to change the output of the block to something similar to the following.

<nav id="breadcrumb">

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You should copy theme_breadcrumb to your theme's template.php file:

function YOURTHEME_breadcrumb($variables) {
  $breadcrumb = $variables['breadcrumb'];
  if (!empty($breadcrumb)) {
      $crumbs = '<nav><ul class="breadcrumbs">'; 
      foreach($breadcrumb as $value) {
           $crumbs .= '<li>'.$value.'</li>';
      $crumbs .= '</ul></nav>';
      return $crumbs;

By this function you can set up a ui li structure.

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