At http://drupal.local/admin/modules/install, when I install modules by entering a URL, they get saved to sites/all/modules. I have a multisite setup, and I need them to go to sites/SITE/modules.

Any way to control that?

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The update manager will only install modules to sites/all/modules unfortunately (see this page), so it looks like you'll have to FTP/SCP/whatever them to your server.

There are some advanced installation methods here, but installing modules into specific directories is not something the update manager can do.

Alternatively, you should definately try Drush if you're not using it already. There's a pretty good tutorial on how to set up Drush for a multisite here.

Drush homepage

Drush project page

Drush DO page

Drush cheatsheet

Drush guide

  • This is for a Drupal class I'm teaching. We're trying to keep things simple, so students can focus on the fun parts of Drupal, without worrying about site directories, permissions, ftp, etc. Sounds like a multisite install just won't work, I'll just do a bunch of drupal directories.
    – mortona42
    Jun 19, 2012 at 19:05

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