the goal of my program is to create a content of the specific content type

The specific content type (called A content type),have three fields:title,body,select option

when the user press a button, and the program will lead the user to the edit content page.

But the select option field will select the option i want and the AUTHENTICATED user can't

change this field.

How can i do?

the method i think is create a new node and fill the select field by programming. After

that, lead the user to the edit page of the node i just created.

but i still can't disable the select field

Does anybody have the suggestion? thx a lot !

i am not good at english. i hope you understand what i ask ?

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The field permission module lets you define detailed permission on field level. If you have different types of users you may be want to define a new role for your users.

  • thx a lot , my problem is fixed by this module~
    – cobenash
    Jun 22, 2012 at 5:39

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