I'm using the Localization Update module in Drupal 7. As the "update source", I can choose "Local files and remote server". I'd like to add some .po files that I created locally; where do I place them so that l10n_update can pick them up?

I don't see any options on the module's configuration page (/admin/config/regional/language/update).

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On the bottom of the module's configuration page you have to set a path for the local files.

Store downloaded files A path relative to the Drupal installation directory where translation files will be stored, e.g. sites/all/translations. Saved translation files can be reused by other installations. If left empty the downloaded translation will not be saved.

  • Ok, I see. I didn't realized that the "downloaded files" and the "local files" were the same thing. Jun 23, 2012 at 1:51

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