I have a change in Drupal 6 that I would like to make quickly without doing another SVN roll (until I get a more permanent solution in place) and I would like to create a triggered rule that will null the $logo variable that is being sent to the theme before it gets there.

I know how to tell it to identify the page in question and control it based on role. However, I am having trouble figuring out what PHP code to use in the custom PHP code section. Partly because I just don't know what variables are available nor at what point in the code flow I am sitting in (which is important for this).

Does anyone have any ideas or suggestions?

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I don't think that I'm on the wrong way (correct me if) but I think you should do a hook_preprocess_page(&$vars) in your theme's template.php and unset the $var['logo'] when you meet your condition.

I wouldn't do that with Rules, I don't even know if it's possible.

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