$vocabulary = (object) array(
'name' => st('A'),
'description' => st('A'),
'machine_name' => 'user_a',
'help' => 'test for subterm',


$user_a_vid=db_select('taxonomy_vocabulary', 'tv')
  ->fields('tv', array('vid'))
  ->condition('machine_name', 'user_a')

foreach ($user_a as $name) {
    $term = new stdClass;
    $term->name = $name;
    $term->vid = $user_a_vid;

i have two vocabulary A and B

and i want to add sub-term of A and B

A have sub-term 1,2 B have sub-term 3,4

how can i do that in code?

Thanks for reading my question~thx~



i found out,this code can fix all the problem

$term->parent = $parent_tid;
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Depending on your use case, you may be able to use the Taxonomy CSV module. This module allows you to create a CSV file and import taxonomy vocabularies (including subterms/hierarchy structures).

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  • thx for sharing, but i want to write a .install file and create taxonomy by program. But this module is still useful for me. Thx a lot ! Do u know how to write the code? – cobenash Jun 26 '12 at 7:01

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