My content type has a Link field which stores a website URL (e.g. 'site.com'). I use this field in various views and node templates.

My site is multi-language, and I know how to check the current language using the global $language.

Now I need to modify the link field value depending on the selected language. So output 'site-en.com' if visitor is viewing the site in English, 'site-de.com' if viewing in German etc.

I can't use manual field translation (Entity Translation) because the field values are imported from XML using Feeds, and there are hundreds of values.

So I wonder if there is a hook to programatically modify a field value before it is used by templates and Views module?

Or maybe there is a better way..?

  • Have you tried using hook_preprocess function in your template.php file? Jun 28, 2012 at 20:14

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copy /modules/field/theme/field.tpl.php to your theme folder and rename it to field--field-site-link.tpl.php (if field key of your field is field_site_link), edit template, see comment in file for avalable variables, or just override existings

  • I followed this - thanks. In the end I made a small module with a function that checks the current site language and does a rewrite if required. Then I pass the content of the field to this function in field--field-site-link.tpl.php
    – pushka
    Jul 7, 2012 at 16:29

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