I am working on a theme for a client, and have run into an instance where I would like to add to Drupal.settings via drupal_add_js() from the theme.

In this particular case, it is really most appropriate to do it from the theme itself and not a module hook, as the setting is related to the theme itself.

Doing it from template_preprocess(), or one of its relatives, is too late because $vars["scripts"] has already been built. I suppose I could do something like the following code, but this doesn't seem right.

$settings = array(
  "bar" => "bar",

drupal_add_js(array("foo" => $settings), "setting");

$vars["scripts"] = drupal_get_js();

Is doing it from hook_theme() really the only option, or is the above approach kosher?


I have seen that pattern multiple times before, and it seems to be a standard practice.


Just for the record I had a similar problem today and solved it using hook_preprocess_hook() to intercept my theme function, no messy $vars['scripts'] exists yet

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    Looking back, I am not sure why my question got tagged for Drupal 7. It was actually about Drupal 6, where the options are more limited. Your solution is a good one for Drupal 7. – mpdonadio Jan 10 '12 at 17:16

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