I created an ajax based contact form in my module.Then I made a block view for the form. I tried putting that block to several regions. When I put the block to 'Sidebar Second' the form works as desired.But when I put the same block to 'contact' Region (custom region) , the form's ajax part does not work .

This is the code I used to print the block .

$contact = render(block_get_blocks_by_region('contact'));
print  $contact; 

When I inspect the element the form-id is 'myform' as given by me . Still the ajax part is not working .

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I got the solution for this . Just want to tell the answer for anyone who might come across this problem. The problem was :

I was printing it in html.tpl.php.

The solution is

print it on either page.tpl.php or page--xxxx.tpl.php and print it as

     print render($page['contact']);

There are many reasons which impact Form Ajax, would suggest check once below points

  1. HTML structure after rendering from Sidebar Second
  2. Is there any Javascript error in your page?
  3. Refer https://www.drupal.org/forum/support/module-development-and-code-questions/2019-06-19/why-is-my-ajax-not-working
  • You do know this question is asked 8 years ago, right? :P Also, the OP provided his own answer. Nov 26, 2020 at 8:26

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