I need to add a custom (exposed?) filter to a view - it would query a large 'postcodes' table to find out coordidnates of postcodes accross the UK, and then perform a comparison of 2 postcodes (belonging to users) to find out the distance, and filter out users that are over a certain distance.

I've got the scripts to do this already, its just I'm really new to Drupal so the whole blocks/views/nodes/content types/filters thing is still confusing me a little.

Perhaps what I'm asking is beyond the scope of a filter.


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Another option is the Location module, which integrates with Views and lets you do proximity searches. While not exactly what you want, this handbook page should help you get started.


From what I understand that may be possible with the Views PHP Filter Module. There you can create a list of nid's that you want to intersect or remove from the views result. Take a look at the example here.

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