i want to display a node (from a menu callback), but when i do this:

echo node_view(node_load($_POST['classid']));

it displays the node without the page template. How do show the entire node, just like someone navigated to '/node/xxx'.

by the way, i can't just redirect to 'node/xxxx' because i need to leave the url without any parameter (stupid requirement by employers)

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It's a bit strange that node_view is not returning a fully formatted node. The node module calls node_view inside it's own hook_menu to handle node/%nid requests.

Is there any chance that your CSS is selecting on something specific to node/%nid pages or your templates are setup in a non-standard way.

Can you show us the exact HTML string that is being returned by that function and the HTML string you are expecting?

  • the html returned is exactly what is generated by node.tpl.php. the node is a content type, that has page-content_type.tpk.php template. this template doesn't show on node_view above (but does show on node/xxxx) Jul 9, 2012 at 12:53

Only a year late.

$url = url('node/XXX', array('absolute' => TRUE));
$html = file_get_contents($url);

That will do the trick under most circumstances.

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