I have a view that displays terms hierarchically via a view attachment, but neither the URL nor the breadcrumb keep track of where it is in the hierarchy. For example, a taxonomy structured like the following.

  • Category
    • Term I
      • Term A
        • Term 1
    • Term II
      • Term B

It displays a page listing Term I and Term II. Upon clicking on Term I, the user is taken to the page for Term A, which is a list of its sub-terms (Term 1). Upon clicking, the user is taken to a list of nodes tagged with that therm.

The path and breadcrumb for each of these pages is, sequentially, the following.

  • /category
  • /category/term-i
  • /category/term-a
  • /category/term-1

I would like instead for the breadcrumb and path to be the following.

  • /category
  • /category/term-i
  • /category/term-i/term-a
  • /category/term-i/term-a/term-1

I've tried the Hansel and Custom Breadcrumbs modules, but I have been unable to configure them properly, or they just don't provide the functionality I need.

I'm using Drupal 7 with a theme based on Omega, so any answer that include instructions to insert code into template or other theme files need to include information about where that code belongs in Omega.

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These are two separate questions. One about the path, another about the breadcrumb.


Disclaimer: The solution presented here may need more tweaking, if your taxonomy/term/% is replaced by a views page with contextual filter. (I never do that, there are other ways to achieve the same)

Crumbs will do the trick. 90% of the task out of the box. If not, check this doc: http://drupal.org/node/1984484

You need some manual work to make "/category" the top-level breadcrumb item for all the terms: (this explanation is for the 7.x-2.x branch)
Visit Admin > Structure > Crumbs > Entity parent > Taxonomy
Set 'category' as the parent path for your vocabulary.
Go back to Admin > Structure > Crumbs
Move crumbs.entityParent.* into the "Enabled" section, and give it a low enough priority.


I suppose you have pathauto installed already.
Go to Admin > Configuration > Search and metadata > URL aliases
Look at "Taxonomy term paths".

I read somewhere that the following pattern will do the trick:


Not tested myself. Good luck with it :)

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