With the Video module, the admin panel shows a large list of video formats with dropdowns allowing the user to select one of the supported players. The list that is included consists of:

  • Divx
  • Quicktime
  • RealMedia
  • FLV flash
  • SWF flash
  • Director/Shockwave
  • Windows Media
  • Theora

I installed the jPlayer module and put the jPlayer library into /sites/all/libraries. Is there an established way to get jPlayer to appear in this list, or to otherwise integrate Video with jPlayer?


I hope I can help you

First of all.

The jplayer you have installed

here is a tutorial that will help get up and running with that Jplayer Tutorial

Second of all, the video module you have, Is for making a new filefield with a new content type, make a view that shows the filefield. You should either choose one of the following options. and not both of them.

Hope this helps. I am currently myself working on something smiliar.

I would also like to help you by showing you this link

Its a Drupal distribution called Octopus : Octupus Drupal

Hope this helps :)

  • Yeah, I already have jPlayer and Video installed. jPlayer is not in the dropdown on the Video configuration page though. I'm planning to write a patch to add it. – beth Aug 9 '12 at 17:15

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