I have previously used <?php print $node->field_listing_artist[0]['taxonomy_term']->description; ?> on page.tpl.php. What this does is prints the description of the related taxonomy term of the node being displayed.

But I am looking to use this piece of code in a Block or a Custom Content Type in Panels.

From searching around, I can see (I think?) that i need to load_node, but cannot seem to get the code to work. Similar Drupal Answers Question

So what i am trying to achieve is create a block/'Panels custom content type' that will correctly process <?php print $node->field_listing_artist[0]['taxonomy_term']->description; ?> of the node currently being viewed.


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You should check out What are Ctools plugin (content type, access, etc), and how does one create them?, and in addition make sure the content type has a required context on nodes so that you can't accidentally render it without a node. Check the examples on the ctools module to see how to add required contexts.

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